March 13, 2018

Tech Specs

Tech Specs



PA is an active 4 way system that was previously used in the Cockpit, Leeds. Consists of 2 twin 18″ deltamax subs and 2 x3 way mid top boxes per side. System controller is Klark Teknik and Amps are all Chevin.

FOH desk is a qu32 to an analog 32 channel stagebox with monitor splits if required. Can optionally provide a Midas M32 if more monitor mixes are required.

Wedges are CTC 15″/2″ passive custom boxes on a 5 way stage split and Chevin amplifiers.

Stage space is limited due to the layout of the building but there is a sizeable monitor/guitar world space at stage left and band room to the rear of the stage.



Lighting is being continually revised as the venue is so evolving but currently consists of an Avolites Diamond 4 Elite positioned at stage left for control. There are 4 Robe 160xt spots on truss pillars on stage, side colour washes (halogen and LED) and LED colour wash at front. Hazer is provided.